Purchase Path Management


Simple Setup​
  • Typically 1 day​

  • Site Drop in​

  • Standard Platform Connectors

Fully Automated
  • 100% AI Driven​

  • Control on commercial Constraints​

  • New Categories and Products automatically included​

Intelligent Shopping Assistants​
  • Helps consumers through friction points​

  • Guides Intelligently through Product Catalog​

  • Always there but never in the way​


Every purchase starts with research but in most cases researchers are invisible, showing up as anonymous statistics on reports. At Shopbox we see the first click as the first hint of a customer’s intent.​

Everyone is a customer. Treating people as statistics or “anonymous” until they get close to the cart means ignoring 90% to 95% of the potential customer base. Shopbox treats each customer uniquely from the first interaction, engaging customers much earlier in the buying cycle and becoming a larger part of each decision they make along the way.​

Researches Need Product Range. With Shopbox consumers see a wider range of relevant products, earlier and more consistently through the shopping journey keeping twice as many engaged at each point through the critical stage of research. ​


Shortlisting takes time for most customers and on most sites consists of a lot of bookmarking and trying to remember site passwords. It’s even more difficult on mobile, forcing customers to spend more time on Google than the sin the shop. Shopbox connects everything together seamlessly, removing the friction from shortlisting.​

Remember. Customers don’t like giving personal information just to browse. Shopbox connects every interaction across sessions, allowing a returning customer to continue shopping from anywhere, making shortlisting a more natural experience.​

Suggest. By intelligently suggesting alternative products Shopbox enables customers to build shortlist, very rapidly with no effort. This keeps them inside the shop, preventing leakage to Google in the quest of good alternatives.​


When all decisions are made customers still need help to commit. This final stage is where slight checks on competitor's sites can lead to a lost sale.​

Cart Anxiety. That final check before purchase, to prevent buyers remorse, is critical to getting customers over the line. Shopbox prevents leakage to Google for these checks by keeping a range of alternatives on hand, in the shop. Over 70% of Shopbox users, use it for this final check, preventing that leakage.​

Companion Products shown early increase the basket more effectively than last-mile cross-sales. Shopbox blends companion products into the browsing experience from the start of the engagement leading to an increase of up to 30% on Average Order Value.​


​Growing customers over multiple sales lead to a higher margin but outbound marketing needs to be driven by a customer’s entire history, not just previous sales.​

Customer DNA. Shopbox builds a deep view of every customer combining short term needs with long term patterns to create micro-segments, effectively enabling one-to-one outbound targeting.​

Open Access. Customer DNA is too valuable to be locked out of other systems. Shopbox APIs allow access both to detail behaviour and intent data and directly to Shopbox algorithms. This enables Shopbox intelligence to be layered into any other customer system, from a simple email to full CRM.

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