Convert “anonymous” traffic into Committed Customers

95% of retail traffic will never convert, remaining as anonymous traffic instead of paying customers. Most are early stage customers, researching products before they buy elsewhere.

Shopbox nurtures early stage customers, who are not quite ready to buy, keeping them engaged and coming back.

So when they are ready, they buy from you.

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With Shopbox we are getting shoppers’ attention early on their shopping journey.

- Brian Higgins, Founder and CEO

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Why Shopbox?

Every customer starts as anonymous traffic. The problem is 95% of them never become customers. It’s too easy for consumers to jump from site to site.

Traditional Personalisation addresses customers too late in the shopping process, attempting to close the sale after the customer has made most decisions. Customers, however need help earlier.

Shopbox engages customers from the first click. Our Intelligent Shop Assistants are designed to help customers through key friction points in the shopping journey, resulting in increased engagement through the entire journey. The results speak for themselves - helping customers while they are still dreaming, leads to more sales and larger sales.

We make returning to your shop more rewarding than starting over with competitors.

Where others see anonymous traffic, we see customers.

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