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Hyper personalisation. Retail automation. Omnichannel customer experience. Call it what you like, only one thing matters when it comes to using AI in ecommerce: results.

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The Shopbox difference

Of course, any retail technology worth its salt has to make a difference to your bottom line. Here’s what you can typically* look forward to when you integrate Shopbox into your current ecommerce store:

*Performance numbers are based on typical averages experienced by retailers for customers who engage with Shopbox

increase in conversion rates
potential increase in AOV
increase in site dwell time
increase in product views

Results, in their own words

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Success stories

Take a look at how Shopbox is having a positive impact on our clients' ecommerce businesses.

Sportswear Retail
Shopbox AI drives improved sales performance of online sportswear retailer
Apparel and Fashion
A “comfortably uncomplicated” shopping experience - Soyaconcept enhances brand values with Shopbox
Home Goods Retail
TileStyle Grows Order Value by Replicating Its Market-Leading In-Store Experience Online