The big 5 retail

You know those ecommerce challenges that keep you awake at night? They’re also what gets us up in the morning. By using AI to deliver a hyper-personalised shopping experience, we’re constantly finding new ways to keep retailers one step ahead of the game.

Meet the challenges

Squeezed margins

Increased competition, spiralling acquisition costs, plummeting conversion rates. They all put the squeeze on already low margins. Shopbox retail technology boosts conversion and AOV - whilst reducing maintenance costs.

Stretched resources

Whether or not you have in-house IT skills, putting an AI system in place can soak up valuable team resource. Shopbox is different. We do the heavy lifting for you. Simply set, forget and let Shopbox do its thing. Want extra control? Gentle guidance is all that’s needed. (Micro-management is so last year.)

Same old product

Did you know, AI that relies solely on historical shopping data actively works against merchandising goals. It blindly forces best-sellers or high conversion items on the customer. Regardless of relevance. So new product remains unseen and unsold. And margins suffer. By using real-time customer data, Shopbox does away with recommendation bias. Instead, it gets on with the job of selling stock.

Bouncing shoppers

They came, they saw, they left. Sound familiar? If customers can’t find a reason to stick around your store or deep dive into categories, they’ll go. And you still pay. By creating a unique store around each customer, Shopbox gives them a great reason to stay longer and spend more.

Shopper experience

Search results that don’t find. Displayed product out of stock. Generic recommendations. Is it any wonder customers go elsewhere? Instead, why not engage them from the very first click? Take them on a deep dive into your store. And thanks to cutting edge data intelligence, surround them with a world of meaningful merchandise.

Kind words

Here are just a few of the lovely things the amazing people we work with have to say about Shopbox…

“We’ve seen products that were previously slow to move suddenly flying out of our warehouse because Shopbox finds them for the shopper.”

Mark Kean,
Director, Kean’s of Claremorris

“Shoppers are delving deeper into the product catalogue and spending more time on our website.”

Valerie McCarthy,
Head of eCommerce, TileStyle

“The numbers are all great, but the bigger picture is that we have achieved the uplift in online sales while protecting Soyaconcept’s brand values of quality and sustainability.”

Britt Kristensen,
Marketing and eCommerce Manager,

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