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Shopbox AI rebrands with a fresh new look
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Shopbox AI rebrands with a fresh new look

Colin Marsh
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I’m very excited to be writing this Shopbox AI update, on our brand new website. For those of you who have been here before, you’ll notice a big difference but it is one that goes a lot deeper than a new logo, look and feel.

Let me take a step back and provide context for the change.

Shopbox AI was incorporated a little over 3 years ago. It started with the idea of bringing the power of AI to a breadth of ecommerce retail that at the time had no access to this capability. From the start we wanted to be about innovation and set our stall out with the AI Shop Assistant, a whole new way of interacting with PLPs. Since then we have continuously released innovative front and backend enhancements to the Shopbox platform, improving the shopping experience for the customer and helping the retailer run their stores more efficiently. 

As the solution evolved, how we thought about ourselves and talked to clients, partners or investors also changed. As we grew we felt the need to reflect on how the company has evolved and how we are positioning ourselves in the market. As start-ups grow into scale-ups it is a natural process to reflect and look at the company’s brand's identity and how it is expressed. We felt it was time to do that and make a change to represent how we see ourselves now and in the future.

Stripping down, to build back up

We began this journey earlier in 2023 by breaking our brand down and developing a strategy as the foundation for all the work to come. That introspection honed down how we see ourselves and Shopbox AI in the market. The abridged version: we exist to inspire, to challenge what is accepted as the norm, to put retailers at the centre of what we do, and to bring simplicity to AI-powered technology.

So where to start? Well, we knew we needed a new brand look and feel, message tone, logo etc. The previous iteration was too cold and techie. The new one is quite the departure but it is more closely aligned with our DNA of retail knowledge & technology expertise. It is vibrant, approachable and uplifting. It has an energy to it. We also finally got around to including AI in it!! Also if you look closely, our logo device merges results performance and retail elements. That was no accident as it is at the heart of what Shopbox delivers for our clients. The new colour palette and treatments are quite retail and also bring a lightness, energy and modernity to our look and feel.

Words Matter

As the old saying goes, words matter, so how we tell our story and what we say was very important. We believe in transparency and wanted to make sure that our message was clear and to the point with no corporate speak. Oftentimes companies hide behind the jargon. We are focused on shifting the paradigm and creating synergistic juxtapositions between retail and tech… Sorry, couldn’t resist!!! But we’re the opposite, being upfront with no bull, out of respect for the people we are dealing with. As our Head of Commercial, Rob tells it “The tech industry has a bad reputation for false promises and selling vaporware. With us there’s none of that - we’re very upfront. We say it and then show it on live sites. Retailers like that openness and honesty.”

Our new website is simple and uncomplicated, just like our solution is for our clients. It has a lightness to it as we wanted to tell our story and give the reader enough to peak their interest, not overload them. No one, especially retailers, have time for that. But for those who want to read more from us, our blog and case studies provide a deeper insight into our thinking and customer successes. 

A New Era

As we look to the future and our continued expansion and growth, I truly believe we are setting ourselves up for success with our new branding and messaging. There is no longer that feeling of a disconnect between how we think and talk about ourselves one-on-one and our mass public image and messaging. Both are aligned and it will make understanding who we are, what we stand for and how we can solve retailer’s challenges with our technology all the clearer. We hope you like it.



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