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How does it work?

Simply put, we help customers with their buying decisions, to move them along their journey quicker. At each stage in the shopping journey, Shopbox is there to share ideas, help them shortlist, find substitutions, deal with out of stock and every other decision they make from click to cart.


Connect to any platform in just 30 minutes.

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Deliver a hyper-personalised shopping experience

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See instant revenue uplift

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Engage Customers from the First Click

Perhaps all a visitor really needs is a little nudge in the right direction, to help them make their decision. Shopbox works with each unique visitor from their first click to give them ideas that put your store at the centre of their decision.

Why is it better?

It’s been proven that the earlier you help a visitor, the longer they will stay. Don’t help, and you will have to compete very hard, at every stage.

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“Shopbox guides customers through our wide selection and seems to understand what each shopper is looking for, even when they have not yet made up their mind.”

- Orla McFaddan, Greenes Shoes

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Put the customer at the centre

From the first visit to long term engagement, Shopbox builds a personal space for every customer and website visitor to return to – helping them finalise a purchase, add to recent purchases as well as get ideas for the next ones. It’s always easier to return to a Shopbox store.

Make every visitor feel welcome

Shopping takes time but it’s always nice to feel welcomed by a store. By anonymously remembering customers and visitors, they will always return to a store that knows them.


Asking for personal data is a terrible customer experience, but remembering them anonymously makes shopping a lot more fun. The biggest friction point in online stores is returning to find the same products you looked at yesterday.

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“When the customer returns, Shopbox makes it easy for them to resume where they left off, with a ‘Welcome back’ message. That’s really useful, it saves a lot of time, and it’s super-friendly,”

- Alison Kealy, Owner, Tony Kealys

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Share relevant ideas that are unique to them

Every purchase starts with the idea, and the more your store sparks relevant ideas the more people will buy from you. Shopbox has a unique approach which adapts to each individual browsing your store, creating ideas based on their unique needs, adapting in real-time with every click. They can find the best promotions, the best new products, the best companion products and many more to spark ideas that are specific to them.

Have it up and running in a matter of days - no IT needed

Implementation is a simple admin process needing about 30 minutes of time from your platform administrator. Shopbox is typically live in 7 to 10 days and starts creating value immediately.

Why is it better?

You don’t want to wait in a queue for a 3x conversion uplift. So we make it really easy, so you see revenue uplift in days, not weeks or months.

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“We had Shopbox integrated with the platform within a matter of minutes.”

- Brain Higgins, MD ABC School Supplies

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It’s 100% automated

“Personalisation” systems are draining valuable resources from retailers. Shopbox has a completely different approach that allows 100% automation. Shopbox intrinsically understands your products, so you can add more products or even a whole new category and Shopbox will know what to do. This can free up merchandisers from managing systems.

Why is it better?

Frees up valuable resources and the associated costs is an extra bonus. It also means new products are pushed to the right customers, the second they are available.

“With over 20 years in the industry, I can safely say that Shopbox is the most important and disruptive change to online shopping that I have experienced.“

- Alex Ruthen, Senior Consultant, Ruthenium Retail

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Make more from the same ad-spend

Ad costs are running out of control so we focus specifically on increasing the engagement once a customer lands.

Why is it better?

Customers view more products when they land, increasing the return on your marketing spend and ultimately the conversion.

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Stop losing sales through out of stock

Out of stocks happen, but with Shopbox they happen less often.

Why is it better?

With Shopbox, in-stock products become more prominent and out of stocks have instant substitutes. In fact, we even track important customer attributes like the size to make sure they see more items that just fit.

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